I became a member at Unlimited in 2014. What I love the most is the UFIT team! We feel fortunate to have access to such a diverse gym style that they offer and bring to our lives. It’s awesome because my wife and I enjoy the time we get to spend at the gym too. UFIT brings a dynamic way of incorporating full body exercises and cardio within a 50-minute window….. and best part is, no two workouts are the same! UFIT is for anyone and everyone across all stages of their fitness journey. The workouts are challenging and made to help each individual down their own path of personal wellness. It’s welcoming and not intimidating like some gyms can be, and it is the best community of great people – Brandon & Kelly Baffert

I’ve been working out at this gym 3 to 4 days a week for over 10 years, and never once have I had the same workout. In any given class, the ages range from the late teens to the late 70’s. I have never felt intimidated or slighted. As one in her “golden years”, there have been many occasions when I need modifying (whether it be due to an injury rehab or just plain age…and my body doesn’t work like that anymore). The trainers are very patient and never hesitate to modify my personal workout. This is truly a family, and I wouldn’t want to start my day any other way. – Lynn Capparili

When I moved to Manhattan Beach I joined three different gyms in the area, one after the other. Finally, a friend told me about UFIT and I’ve been there ever since. None of the others compare. For six years UFIT has been—and will always be—my fitness home. The gym is run extremely well, the trainers are the absolute best, and the atmosphere is so great that the stranger working out next to you today will likely become your friend tomorrow. Save yourself the time I wasted at other gyms. Go to UFIT! – Rob Zazzali

I joined in April 2012. I love everything about UFIT — the ownership, the trainers, the location, the other members, the originality and variety of the workouts, and the reserved seat for Fritz! UFIT has played a significant role in my physical and mental health for the past 8 years. Most importantly, I have significant back issues and it has helped me overcome them without surgery. After 8 years and about 1,000 workouts, I can confidently say I’ve never had the same 2 workouts at UFIT. I’m never bored nor disappointed with my workouts. – Mitch Gordon (with Son)

This is the best gym in the area. UFIT has you doing cardio and strength for a complete work out. You work out your upper and lower body with strength training and the work outs are always different so it never gets boring. The trainers keep an eye on you to ensure you have proper form to get the most from the exercise. A fun place to work out. – Leighton Lee

For me the small group exercise format works perfectly. A coach comes up with the workout, which keeps it fast paced and lets me focus on the exercise. I don’t need to think, I just keep moving and getting a great workout with the camaraderie of my fellow participants. I’ve tried other gyms both by myself and with personal trainers. I don’t need someone counting reps, but at the same time, some guidance helps. Ufit strikes the perfect balance. – Brett Crosby

The UFIT team has made my personal health journey so much better. It had been years since I exercised, and I have some joint/back concerns. The team takes time to work with me, encourage me. Over my time at UFIT I have lost weight, gained strength, balance, and muscle tone. I have more energy, and love how I feel now. The UFIT trainers are kind, and yet push me too. Love my UFIT family and thank you for helping me age gracefully into middle age. – Audrey Sommerfeld

I love the community. I love the trainers. I love that every time after I leave a class, no matter who is teaching, I leave feeling like I got my butt kicked (in a good way). Finding this gym and this community has been such an incredible addition to my life and overall well-being! That’s what is great about the gym. I can add weight and lower reps if I want to build muscle. Or I can focus on cardio and slim down if I’m feeling like being a little more on the lean side. This gym can really give you whatever you want. I’ve also noticed, which is definitely the best addition to my fitness regime, there’s a huge focus on recovery. Take care of your body; stretch, roll-out, rest sore muscles. It’s not about always killing yourself in a workout. It’s about longevity and real, lasting lifestyle improvements. The support to push myself to be better in all aspects. To lift harder, run faster, get out of a funky mood and smile. It’s the most wonderful gym I’ve ever been to. It makes it even more fun to workout with all of my sisters at UFIT too! – Annie Curry

I’ve been a member at Unlimited for about six years and usually work out four or five times a week. I’m 76yo and want to stay in shape forever. I’ve tried many gyms in the past and have never stuck with any this long. The challenging 55-minute circuits are always different and trainers will customize an exercise for injury or level of difficulty. This allows me to workout frequently without straining any muscle group. The trainers are enthusiastic and know when you need a push if you’re slacking or encouragement if you’re dragging, their coaching is always constructive and delivered with good humor, and they play great music. The result is that members challenge themselves to work hard at each session, which motivates me to work hard too.
Kristen, the owner, trains and works out often. Her presence keeps her engaged with the members and their needs, qualms, etc. and she’s very pro-active in making improvements. – Don McCammack

The variety, intensity & consistency of the UFIT crew keep me coming back for more. Every workout, if it doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger. – Cindy Stokes

I tried workouts at several gyms to find one that had the right fit for what I was looking for.  I wanted something challenging but not repetitive.  High intensity with knowledgeable trainers.  Small, individual attention classes.  I found all of this and more at UFIT! In the past I hired a personal trainer for the same type of routine I do at Unlimited Fitness.  Their classes are high intensity, varied each day to always challenge your workout routine without feeling bored.  I recently committed to a year membership and am so happy with my decision.  I can feel my body changing as I build my strength and stamina.  I love their selection of trainers.  They love what they do and you can tell.  I Highly recommend Unlimited Fitness!! – Angela Kelly

What I love about UFIT is that the trainers are very much engaged in your every move. They will push you and will not take no for an answer. I knew this was going to be my fitness home when Jaime pushed me to do a pull up with the bands even if I had said no multiple times due to my insecurities. Although everyone is SUPER fit at UFit they all want you to grow and succeed. Not once have I been criticized by any member regarding my strength or level of fitness. – Marianna Correa

I have been going to Unlimited since 2014. They have terrific and varied workouts – never the same. Phenomenal trainers who really know what they are doing; same intensity as doing a one on one with a personal trainer but much more fun and motivating doing it with others; get an entire month of unlimited workouts for slightly more than what I was paying for ONE personal training session at another gym. Amazing workouts and top notch trainers, but most importantly, it’s an incredible and supportive community of awesome people of all ages.  I never leave disappointed. – Ellen Robbins

I joined Unlimited Fitness back in 2013! There are so many things to love about this little gem of a gym!  I love that the members range from 18-80!  No matter what age you are, the trainers make you feel welcome and will tailor your workout to what your body needs. I love that every single trainer is knowledgeable, creative, and fun!  I am always challenged, given a variety of exercises each time I go, and I’m not staring at the clock the entire time counting the minutes until the torture is over. I also love that there are so many choices of times that classes are available, so if one time slot is full or you are unable to make it, there are 10 more class times to pick from.  Since I’ve been a member at Unlimited Fitness:  I am stronger, I am more toned, I focus on my nutrition more, and I am more motivated to come to the gym on a regular basis since I’m held accountable by my workout friends and UFIT staff. If you want to see results and be part of this amazing family, I highly recommend that you join Unlimited Fitness.  You won’t be disappointed! – Gretchen Vizzi

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